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Our world is changing rapidly and current challenges call on all of us to live with Fearless Grace!

We want to face each day with courage and act with compassion, awareness, and grace.  We believe in treading lightly on the planet and having just exactly what we need.

We believe in sustainability and creating only what we will sell.  The garment industry produces 92 million tonnes of textile waste per year. We want to be part of the solution.

For this reason, your sweater will be knitted especially for you upon your order.  This may take a little bit longer, but it is living more consciously, keeping resources in balance, and preserving the planet.

We appreciate your patience and partnership in this journey and creating a better world and living with Fearless Grace!

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We create great styles that are beautiful, versatile, and long-lasting.

We specialize in unique, intricate, beautiful weaves in knits. Our products are 100% Cotton so are soft, comfy, and airy.

Our open weaves are practical yet with a hint of sexiness with the see-through element.

Our products can be gently machined or hand-washed.